Richard Pena has over 30 years in law enforcement and national security since 1986. Rich started his law enforcement career with the NYPD later being promoted to detective. His assignments included the 77 precinct, one of the busiest precincts in New York City, Brooklyn North Tactical Narcotics Team, Queens Narcotics District, Queens Narcotics Major Case Unit, and the NYPD-ATF Joint Firearms Task Force. After 9/11, Rich was transferred to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force where he was assigned to a squad responsible for the Afghanistan/Pakistan region.

In 2006, Rich retired from the NYPD and worked as a US Department of Energy contractor in the capacity of a Deputy Senior Counterintelligence Officer for the Northeast Counterintelligence Regional Office. His responsibilities included espionage and counterterrorism investigations.

In 2008, Rich joined the FBI in New York as an intelligence analyst in the Joint Terrorism Task Force where he was responsible for terrorism matters in Western Europe. Rich was deployed to Europe numerous times for major terrorism incidents, investigations, and operations with foreign security services. He has worked major investigations into al-Qai’da and ISIS networks in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Spain and the UK.

In January 2017, Rich became the Director of Intelligence and Investigations for Planned Parenthood Federation of America, a global non-profit organization that has been the target of several domestic terrorist attacks resulting in the loss of life. Rich created and leads the Intelligence Group, collecting, and analyzing intelligence on domestic and international threats to Planned Parenthood.

Speaking Topic: Terrorism

John Gaspar | BS, MS, CFE, CSI

Licensed Florida Private Investigator

  • Retired NYPD Detective and Florida Sheriff's Detective that has worked in:
  • 13th Division Homicide NYC
  • Intelligence Division & Dignitary / Celebrity & Principle Protection
  • Organized Crime Control
  • Major Case Squad – Bank Robberies & Terrorist Activities NYC
  • NYPD Forensic Hypnosis Unit
  • Economic Crime Division Supervisor – Fraud & White-Collar Crime – Florida Sheriff's Office
Specialized Training
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Master Crime Scene Investigator
  • Forensic Hypnotist - Memory Retrieval - New York & Florida
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Defensive Tactical Instructor

Past President of the Society of Professional Investigators – members & honoree's included Robert Kennedy & Rudi Giuliani

John Gaspar started his profession as a Criminal Justice Professional in Law Enforcement in 1973, with the New York City Police Department. While with the NYPD, he worked as an Educator, Administrator, Police Recruit Instructor, Patrol Officer, Detective and Supervisor. He also served as a curriculum developer and educator in New York City Police Department's Police Bureau.

Gaspar continued to progress in his career with the NYPD, working in a variety of investigative capacities, including Detective assignments in the Organized Crime Control Bureau, Intelligence Division (Executive and Dignitary Protection), Major Case Squad (Bank Robberies and Fraud Investigations), Special Investigation Division, Terrorist Task Force, Hostage Negotiation - Kidnapping Squad, Crime Scene Forensics and Special Investigation's Forensic Hypnosis Unit.

During his tenure in Special Investigations, John became one of the 10 most experienced and highly regarded Forensic Hypnotists in the United States.After retiring from New York City Police Department, Gaspar assumed a Command Staff role as the Chief Executive Officer of a Private Detective and Security Patrol agency licensed in four States and employing 250 people. While CEO of this agency, he was elected President of the Society of Professional Investigators, (members and honored guests included Robert Kennedy and Rudolph Giuliani). For his achievements in Law Enforcement and private sector leadership, Gaspar received a Proclamation from the City of New York.

Continuing this journey of excellence at the Flagler County, Florida Sheriff's Office, Gaspar was appointed by the Sheriff as the Director of Professional Standards and Training. In that assignment, he led the agency through the process of obtaining Florida Accreditation and National CALEA recognition.

As an educator, Gaspar has enjoyed a long-standing relationship as an Associate Adjunct Professor with St. John's University in New York City, and Ad Hoc Professor with John Jay College of Criminal Justice and for the past 9 years as an Associate Adjunct Professor, FDLE Instructor and recruit school trainer with Daytona Beach Community College. Gaspar also enjoys a relationship as an Adjunct Professor at Bethune Cookman College in the Social Science Department/Criminal Justice. He currently is the Crime Scene Investigations Program Coordinator for a Local Florida University.

John's areas of focus include homicide investigations, hazmat safety, forensic hypnosis interviews, financial crimes investigation and forensic auditing in criminal investigations. He is a Master Crime Scene Technician and is available as an instructor, private investigator and consultant in each of these topical areas

Anthony j. Luizzo, PhD, CFE, CST, PI

(Ret. NYPD) is a member of the Board of Advisors of Vault Verify, LLC. He is a former detective specialist with the New York City Police Department’s Crime Prevention Division and held senior security positions with the NYC Mayor’s Office. He is a past President of the Society of Professional Investigators (SPI) and president-emeritus and founding member of the NYC Chapter: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. He has written dozens of articles for professional journals and magazines and is the co-author of “Fraud Auditing A Complete Guide” a fraud detection/prevention workbook for CEOs, CFOs, and Security Administrators published by the Foundation for Accounting Education and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants: 1992 Rev. 1995. He is a former editorial advisory board member: Reuters/WG&L/RIA Group – Thomson Publications.

Speaking Topic: Topic Demystifying the Investigative Process

Presented by John Gaspar and Anthony Luizzo

“an investigation is the medium through which facts are discovered, gathered, preserved and prepared as evidence for legal proceedings”

We will discuss Interviews/Integrations

  • using control type questioning – a control question is an incident-related query intended to elicit a psychological response
  • observing kinetics
  • establishing rapport
  • controlling the flow of the interview
  • allowing uninterrupted dialogue
  • keeping an open mind
  • following the facts wherever they may lead

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